Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What a Day!

Okay, so I've had a pretty long weekend off & now I can't get myself motivated to work. Yesterday consisted of pure craziness. I started my day by rushing to an appt. about 30 minutes away from here because they will make u reschedule if you're not 15 minutes early. Needless to say, traffic was crazy & every ambulance & fire truck in the town had a freakin emergency. Anyway, I got there just in time just to wait until 10:45 to be seen. No worries people, I have all of the time in the world to waste sitting in an md's office. I then had go to Target and wait an eternity on the customer service line, picked up a few things, then headed to Michaels to get some stocking stuffers & a gingerbread house :) Afterwards, I headed to church for awhile, then to CVS to make a return, and to the gas station because the car was on empty. By this time I'm rushing cause Evan's bus was scheduled to arrive home in 5 minutes. I pump my gas but had to go inside to get the recipt cause the machine was out of paper (it figures). I get home & Evan's bus is waiting there & I run out to get him. I then bring my bags inside, pay some bills, change his diaper & rush off to get Gio. We went to order Koko's B-day cake & of course, as soon as I start flipping through the cake pictures, someone stands there huffing & puffing cause they're in a rush (so I take my time, hee hee). I order his cake, go to Walmart to make a return, pick up some pizza, then go home to feed the boys & clear the dishwasher, to then head back out to Target to leave a prescription. Hubby & boys are too entertained at the game section & I have to remind them that Gio had homework to get too. We FINALLY get home & I take a quick shower with Evan, put him to bed, pick up the house, wrap a few gifts, check my work email, then lie down & watch some TV. Us moms should receive a salary for all that we do. If only there were more hours in a day so I could get everything done :)

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