Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!!

I'm so looking forward to 2010!! Not only because the start of a new year is so exciting, but because to me, it's always a chance to wipe the slate clean and get rid of all of the negativity from the past year. We've had a lot of obstacles in the last year. The biggest to me were the 101 hurdles we had to jump through in order to get the house we've always dreamed of. When it wasn't one was another!! I want to thank my little sis, my mother in law, & my close friends,(especially Elisonia who always knew what to say & how to cheer me up), who gave me good words of encouragment & advice to get me through such a stressful time. On the other hand of that spectrum, there's always "family drama" that I am glad I moved away from. I have grown so tired of dropping what I'm doing & taking time away from my boys to help certain people out to only have them turn around and criticize & judge others when they don't get their way (even though they know that they're the ones in the wrong). Whoever knows me & knows how easygoing I am also knows I have low tolerance for bullsh*t. lol From now on, I am there for my dad & my little sis who have always been there for me through thick & thin & have loved me unconditionally. Everyone else can solve their own problems & take their drama elsewhere!! A person can only be so nice & take so much & I've definitely passed that point. I will leave all of that baggage in the hands of God. I know that he will not abandon me when I need him the most. On a more positive note....we are all finallly happy & at peace!! Hubby is doing great at work, my job isn't the best job but I am thankful to even have one & to be able to help provide for my family. The boys are doing great in school....adjusting & making friends. Evan has especially done a lot of learning & growing during this past year. He never ceases to amaze me with the things he comes up with =) God has been very good to us & we know that everything we've accomplished is thanks to him. We are also extremely grateful that my sister in law & her family are here & not only spent Christmas with us but will be bringing in the New Year with us too!! Oh, and best of week we have a surprise visit!! Actually, a surprise for the boys cause I'm already aware of whose coming & when. I'm sooooo excited....I can't wait!! Anyway, for this New Year, my resolution is to take some classes that I've been wanting to take, to be more organized (you'd know what I mean if you would've seen my messy files a few weeks ago), to love more, to stress less, and to be more patient (my main fustration at work). lol I also want to make this a great year for my boys who deserve all of the best things in life for being such great kids. To all of my family and friends....have a blessed & safe New Year and may 2010 bring you plenty of love, peace, success, good fortune, and happiness, <3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Fun

So excited to have my sister in law here with her family. We've had a lot of fun these past few days. Besides me learning to make some Coquito, my sister in law has learned to play Mario Kart WII & bowling (she's actually better at it than I am). lol Koko has taken it upon himself to teach her hubby how to play Guitar Hero & he's actually getting the hang of it. Ian is having so much fun with the boys. We set up 2 mattresses in Koko's room so they are all bunking in there. He's one of the big boys now =) We had an awesome time at Juan's cousin's holiday dinner & the food was so delicious! Did I mention that I have never had so much food in my life??!! Uff....we all ate way too much these past 2 days. Yesterday we went to an awesome mall that was so huge it took us all day to walk through it. They even had outlets outside! My little sister would have loved this mall! It was packed like I have never seen! We found some awesome bargains. Evan lucked out cause he needed clothes & they happened to have Osh Kosh B'Gosh & Children's Place which I love (and had great sales). Koko got an awesome shirt & Gio got a new backpack at Quicksilver. Quicksilver is hubby's favorite store & he got Evan the cutest shirts there. Anyway, the ride home was so long because we were all tired. Evan yapped away until he eventually fell asleep like the rest of the boys. We got home to enjoy some awesome leftovers of-pernil, arroz,& lasagna. I think I broke a record & fell asleep in 30 seconds last night. lol Hoping this week goes by slow cause they will be leaving soon & I'm going to miss the company.

Christmas 2009

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthing Story-Koko & Gio

I was talking with one of my girlfriends about my birthing stories. Talk about reminiscing! I get teary eyed when I think of the day my 1st son was born. He was born almost 4 weeks early because I unfortunately developed pre-eclampsia. It all happened really fast. I went to my doctor's appointment thinking everything was peachy keen when my OB tells me that my blood pressure was sky high & that I had to go to the hospital ASAP. I tried convincing her to let me go take a final exam which was scheduled right after my appointment & she refused. My pharmacology teacher was mean as hell which is why I didn't want to miss that final but the doctor said the baby could be in danger so off to the hospital I ran (books & all). lol I was admitted and I kept thinking my doctor was crazy because I felt perfectly fine until my blood pressure became dangerously high & they had to put me on mag sulfate. Needless to say, my doctor was right. I got so sick, so fast, that they had to induce me (I begged not to have a C-section). I got an epidural (after the 3rd try) & I was upset that there was so many people in the room (I honestly lost count. I was very shy.....many moons ago). lol Anyway, when my son was born, his color was horrible....he looked almost purple to me & I didn't see him move or hear him cry & I think my heart honestly stopped for a few minutes there. The NICU team were awesome & they got him to cry! It was the best sound I had ever heard! My boy was tiny-6lbs 11oz. He was so tiny I was scared to even hold or change him. I didn't even have a name for him-he was Baby Boy Flores for 3 days :( He was born in December and it was freezing cold that entire month. I loved spending time with my boy! Those first few months were brutal! I had to go take a few finals & make up some clinicals for 8 hours at the hospital only 2 weeks after he was born. I was so exhausted, I felt I was dying! The sacrifices payed off because I was able to graduate. I was really proud of myself because it wasn't easy getting there but I didn't give up. I really pushed myself to get ahead because I wanted to give my son a good life. Now when Giordano was born a few years later, things went much smoother. He was & still is my lazy child :) He was almost 2 weeks postdates.....too comfy to move an inch. I had to be induced. My labor pains were horrible but I made my OB promise not to give me an epidural even if I begged for one (the last one I got really did a number on my back). Needless to say, I asked for it & she reminded me that I made her promise not to cave in :) She was really an awesome doctor...I was lucky she was so smart & good at what she did. Gio was born weighing 8lbs 6 0z (which I thought was huge). He was such a good baby. Not colicky like Koko (thank God). He was only Baby Boy Flores for 2 days...what can I say, I had a hard time deciding on names :)

Birthing Story-Evan

Now of course God had to save the best for last.....Evan :) I knew he was going to be trouble since the minute I saw his cute little face on the 3D ultrasound. My pregnancy was pretty good. I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions the week before I had him but I would just go take a warm shower & that seemed to help (I didn't want to wake my poor exhausted hubby). The morning he was born I was feeling some cramps but my dad was scheduled for a test at a hospital 2 hours away & being that he was very ill, I had to be there. Off  I went with my mom & dad. I sat next to my dad until they wheeled him off & the nurse taking care of him joked "wouldn't it be funny if you had the baby today"?  Not funny!! My dad was gone for a long time & I was super worried. On top of this, I started getting contractions but I tried ignoring them until it was obvious that they weren't going away. I ended up going up to OB where an intern (who looked like he was 16) told me I was 1cm. He did a few things wrong which made me question if he knew what the heck he was doing so I asked for a doctor. They sent me an awesome OB who laughed & asked me who told me I was 1cm. I told him about the 16 year old doctor & he said I was 4cm & that I would be having the baby there! Okay, so now I'm panicking cause hubby is working (2 hours away) and I hadn't let my mom call him cause I didn't want to bother him at work. Did I mention I was told I'd have to deliver in the triage area cause there were no birthing rooms available? Wonderful.....the day just kept getting better! Anyway, hubby flew to the hospital & got there just in time. He was so nervous when he was putting on his scrubs that he dropped all of his change in the toilet. lol I tried pushing a few times with no luck so the nurse left the room. She comes back & screams for the doctor & NICU & Evan flew out like superman. lol He was whisked away for over 2 hours & I couldn't even see him! By this time I was worried sick. Pediatrician comes over to see us 1st & my heart drops because I know something must have happened for them to not let me see him. She told us that Evan was so big (9 lb butterball) & he came out so fast that he fractured his clavicle. So I finally get to see my little guy & his onesie was pinned to his shirt to keep his arm in place. He was so darn cute. I had to bug the nurses to bring him back cause they kept taking him away me. It's funny cause having worked in OB, I know it's usually the other way around-mom's want the baby in the nursery so they can sleep. Oh, and did I mention that a hurricane passed through Westchester as Evan was born? I should've known that was a sign that he was going to be trouble!! lol So 2 days later my in-laws arrived. They stayed with us for a month. The day after they left, I got a call to rush my dad to the hospital for his transplant. So here I am, sleep deprived, flying on the Taconic so that my dad makes it in time for his surgery. I had been nursing & the baby didn't want formula so poor hubby had to drive 2 hours away to bring me the baby before he lost his sanity. Needless to say, the months of July & August of 2006 were the roughest months of my life. So many things going on at once but thankfully things settled down, my dad was okay, & I have my precious, healthy, energetic, one of a kind baby boy :)
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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Okay, so thanks to the cup of Starbuck's I had around 4pm...I'm wide awake right now. Can't sleep for the life of me. On nights like this I like to think of the one place that relaxes me the most which is the ocean. Listening to the waves is the most calming sound that I've ever heard! I love the smell of the sea salt, the sparkling blue water, the colorful seashells, the crashing of the waves, & the sensation of peace that I feel when my feet are in the warm, soft sand. Strange for a person who never grew up around water. Maybe that's why I've always loved it so much. I have great memories of spending weekends at the beach with my family in PR. What I would give to go back in time just to experience all of the fun again!!  I wanted to become a Marine Biologist at one time because I am intrigued by the ocean & the creatures that live in it.  I am fascinated by sharks (but hope to never see one up close of course). lol I look forward to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel & I know a lot about them. Oh, and dolphins are my favorite!! One thing on my bucket list is to swim with dolphins before I die.  It's no secret that Sea World is one of my favorite places to go. It's like Disney World to me :) My love for the ocean is also the reason why on hot summer days, we head to the beach every single weekend.  It's also the one thing I look forward to all winter long <3 Okay, so off to sleep I go (again). lol
“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Little Weather Man

Okay, so lately Evan has been obsessed with the days of the week & the weather. We put up these signs in his room because he enjoys it so much & he is ecstatic!!  This morning while getting ready for school, he kept repeating the days of the week (over and over and over). lol  He's also been interested in what time it is so we've been teaching him how to tell time everyday. We've been so happy with the progress he's been making at school. He's learned so much this year....really impressive! I think it also has a lot to do with his interest in books. He absolutely loves being read to & makes me read several books for him at bedtime (I say "makes" because if I don't....he won't go to sleep). lol  Let's hope that Santa brings him lots of good books this year:)
Countdown is on.....sister in law & family will be here in about 10 days. We are beyond excited that we'll be spending our 1st Christmas together. Christmas shopping is almost done as well as the wrapping (anyone who knows me knows how much I love wrapping). lol Hubby keeps hounding me to tell me what I want for Xmas but besides wanting an I-Tunes card to get more music for my I-Pod....I honestly can't think of anything else I want or need that bad. I already have his presents wrapped & hidden (yes he is nosy & guesses what I get him EVERY single year). The boys have been sworn to secrecy about his present & I'm sure they'll let me know if he starts to snoop around :) This Christmas will be an extra special one mainly because it will be the 1st one in our new home & because this year Evan is more aware of Christmas & it's true meaning. I must say that my boys are really humble because they only ask for a few things. They definitely know by now that Christmas is about more than just getting presents. My boys do deserve nice things this year because they are a great help & they're making us proud in school. Gio just brought home an awesome progress report yesterday.  Koko has completed an application for entry to this awesome Marine Biology high school & we have our fingers crossed that he gets in. It's very hard to get accepted but it's an awesome school that focuses on a hands on approach. They take several field trips & the students learn a lot by doing projects themselves out in the real world. I would've LOVED a school like that when I was younger because I've always been intrigued by the ocean/marine life. I'm praying that he gets in!!!  We're so happy that the boys are doing great & adjusting so well. All of the sacrifices we have made over these past few months have been worth the while  =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Looking into my boy's eyes
I'm thinking of future goodbyes
When you grow up and leave my side
I swear it gives me butterflies

I'm hoping still to keep you small
That u will love me most of all
That all your dreams one day you'll find
And that I'm never far behind

To stand for u, to make things right
To hug & kiss my boys goodnight
To help u capture all your dreams
To watch u play on all your teams

When u grow up so tall & strong
Appreciate the ground your on
I hope u find where u belong
I hope u always right a wrong

I hope u finish what u start
And that you'll have an awesome heart
That u will help others in need
And always shy away from greed

That u are calm and never stressed
That u remember you've been blessed
Always leave behind a trace
A smile upon another's face

Voice your opinion strong & loud
Don't ever follow the wrong crowd
And know that I am always proud
I'll always say it way outloud 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I am loving all of the Christmas decorations I see as we drive around!! We've had a blast decorating our new place for the holidays and hubby likes driving the boys around at night to see all of the houses lit up. The boys are so proud of all of the decorations they've helped put up. There is a plus to these holidays....we won't be freezing our tushes off!! So grateful for that. God knows I couldn't deal with one more freezing winter (what can I say, I'm getting old). lol The boys are loving it too. Koko actually got to go outside and ride his new skateboard instead of having to put it away until the summer. I am actually dying for the summer to return because that means we get to go to the beach again :) In my next life, my house will be a few feet away from the ocean.....that's where I've always wanted to be!! For now, we're super excited, counting down the days to our 1st Christmas here & thankful to God for all that he's blessed us with.  We are also very happy that my sister in law, her husband, & son will be joining us this year.  Being that this will be our 1st holidays ever away from home, it will make things a lot easier for all of us  :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aaaaaaah! I have a teen!!

Okay, I think I'm starting to panic the more I realize that my son is a teenager. To me he is still my sweet & innocent little boy. I got a bit teary eyed as I wished him a Happy Birthday because I was already picturing him growing up & leaving me. Not too sure I'm going to handle that smoothly when the time comes. Seriously, how do I stop him from growing up so fast? I want him to be a kid as long as he can because being an adult is not as fun as it seems. What I would give to be a kid again!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Baby Boy Turns 14!!

Okay, so I'm both ectastic & sad that my first born will be turning 14 years old tomorrow. Ectastic because I've had the privilege of being his mother and sad that the 6lb 11oz fragile baby boy I once held in my arms is slowly becoming a man. I'm happy that I've raised him to be humble, helpful, & caring. He's the 1st one that offers to help someone in need. I love that he has a good heart & has big dreams and I hope that he knows how much potential he has to become whatever he wants to be. I can remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday. I remember I didn't want to move his little legs to change his first diaper out of fear of "breaking" him. To think that he's now taller & stronger than me is astonishing. I can only hope that God watches over him & guides him into becoming the wonderful man that I know he will be.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What a Day!

Okay, so I've had a pretty long weekend off & now I can't get myself motivated to work. Yesterday consisted of pure craziness. I started my day by rushing to an appt. about 30 minutes away from here because they will make u reschedule if you're not 15 minutes early. Needless to say, traffic was crazy & every ambulance & fire truck in the town had a freakin emergency. Anyway, I got there just in time just to wait until 10:45 to be seen. No worries people, I have all of the time in the world to waste sitting in an md's office. I then had go to Target and wait an eternity on the customer service line, picked up a few things, then headed to Michaels to get some stocking stuffers & a gingerbread house :) Afterwards, I headed to church for awhile, then to CVS to make a return, and to the gas station because the car was on empty. By this time I'm rushing cause Evan's bus was scheduled to arrive home in 5 minutes. I pump my gas but had to go inside to get the recipt cause the machine was out of paper (it figures). I get home & Evan's bus is waiting there & I run out to get him. I then bring my bags inside, pay some bills, change his diaper & rush off to get Gio. We went to order Koko's B-day cake & of course, as soon as I start flipping through the cake pictures, someone stands there huffing & puffing cause they're in a rush (so I take my time, hee hee). I order his cake, go to Walmart to make a return, pick up some pizza, then go home to feed the boys & clear the dishwasher, to then head back out to Target to leave a prescription. Hubby & boys are too entertained at the game section & I have to remind them that Gio had homework to get too. We FINALLY get home & I take a quick shower with Evan, put him to bed, pick up the house, wrap a few gifts, check my work email, then lie down & watch some TV. Us moms should receive a salary for all that we do. If only there were more hours in a day so I could get everything done :)