Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthing Story-Evan

Now of course God had to save the best for last.....Evan :) I knew he was going to be trouble since the minute I saw his cute little face on the 3D ultrasound. My pregnancy was pretty good. I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions the week before I had him but I would just go take a warm shower & that seemed to help (I didn't want to wake my poor exhausted hubby). The morning he was born I was feeling some cramps but my dad was scheduled for a test at a hospital 2 hours away & being that he was very ill, I had to be there. Off  I went with my mom & dad. I sat next to my dad until they wheeled him off & the nurse taking care of him joked "wouldn't it be funny if you had the baby today"?  Not funny!! My dad was gone for a long time & I was super worried. On top of this, I started getting contractions but I tried ignoring them until it was obvious that they weren't going away. I ended up going up to OB where an intern (who looked like he was 16) told me I was 1cm. He did a few things wrong which made me question if he knew what the heck he was doing so I asked for a doctor. They sent me an awesome OB who laughed & asked me who told me I was 1cm. I told him about the 16 year old doctor & he said I was 4cm & that I would be having the baby there! Okay, so now I'm panicking cause hubby is working (2 hours away) and I hadn't let my mom call him cause I didn't want to bother him at work. Did I mention I was told I'd have to deliver in the triage area cause there were no birthing rooms available? Wonderful.....the day just kept getting better! Anyway, hubby flew to the hospital & got there just in time. He was so nervous when he was putting on his scrubs that he dropped all of his change in the toilet. lol I tried pushing a few times with no luck so the nurse left the room. She comes back & screams for the doctor & NICU & Evan flew out like superman. lol He was whisked away for over 2 hours & I couldn't even see him! By this time I was worried sick. Pediatrician comes over to see us 1st & my heart drops because I know something must have happened for them to not let me see him. She told us that Evan was so big (9 lb butterball) & he came out so fast that he fractured his clavicle. So I finally get to see my little guy & his onesie was pinned to his shirt to keep his arm in place. He was so darn cute. I had to bug the nurses to bring him back cause they kept taking him away me. It's funny cause having worked in OB, I know it's usually the other way around-mom's want the baby in the nursery so they can sleep. Oh, and did I mention that a hurricane passed through Westchester as Evan was born? I should've known that was a sign that he was going to be trouble!! lol So 2 days later my in-laws arrived. They stayed with us for a month. The day after they left, I got a call to rush my dad to the hospital for his transplant. So here I am, sleep deprived, flying on the Taconic so that my dad makes it in time for his surgery. I had been nursing & the baby didn't want formula so poor hubby had to drive 2 hours away to bring me the baby before he lost his sanity. Needless to say, the months of July & August of 2006 were the roughest months of my life. So many things going on at once but thankfully things settled down, my dad was okay, & I have my precious, healthy, energetic, one of a kind baby boy :)

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