Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love My Boys

Another Mother's Day is around the corner & I can't believe that I've been a mom already for 15 years! Makes me feel a bit old. lol Seriously, I am thankful for having these 3 beautiful boys to raise & I'm lucky to have them in my lives. I think back to all of the sleepless nights, to all of the mornings that I wished for just 5 more minutes of sleep, to all of the hours I've helped them study/read/& do homework, to all of the trips to the emergency room, etc. So many hurdles we've overcome & so many wonderful memories.  Now, as I look at my oldest son who is now taller & 10 times stronger than me....I wish that I could go back to when he was little. I really miss those days. Even my baby is getting old...he will be 5 in July & he will be starting Kindergarten this Fall. These children have brought so much joy to my life & I thank God for sending me 3 angels.