Monday, May 24, 2010

Papi's Visit

Feeling so happy & blessed that we've been able to spend the past few days with my dad. Haven't seen him in a while & I'm not looking forward to him leaving. His visit was a complete surprise for the boys (it was sooooo hard to keep it a secret but I did it). lol I was surprised at how emotional my oldest became when we sent him to get something from his closet & my dad was standing inside. I haven't seen my boy cry like that since he was a baby...bendito. We've been pretty busy showing him around. We took him to the beach & the waves kept knocking him down....he was flapping around in the water like a fish (hard not to laugh, I was actually cracking up).
We then went to Longhorn Steakhouse for the first time....awseome restaurant! The food was delicious and Evan made friends with half the people there. His new thing is going up to people & asking "Hey, what's uuuu name??" People think it's cute but I worry that he's so open to talk to strangers. Oh, & he has a new obsession with watermelon & strawberries (has to have some EVERY night)!! We enrolled him in swimming lessons because we don't want to get a pool installed until he is a good swimmer. The boy loves water like his momma =)

We had a great, relaxing day yesterday. We had my hubby's cousin & family come over for a BBQ & then we surprised his cousin with a B-day cake his wife snuck over. lol I wished the weekends could last a bit longer. Today was just another "Manic Monday". Had an appointment, several errands to run, lunch, etc. then home to get a million things done!! Thank God for caffeine or I'd pass out from exhaustion!!  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Is Near!!!

     Summer is right around the corner & I can hardly wait! We've already been to the beach a few times (even though the water is cold). I just have to remember to bring our big umbrella next time because Evan & I get sunburned so easily (oh, & I bought a sunscreen with a stronger SPF of 70 so hopefully that'll save our sensitive skin).
     The boys only have a few more weeks to go before school is out for the summer. I am happy about that because I'm so tired of all them being bombarded with so much homework & so many projects!! They have it so much harder than I did.....I never remember doing so many projects & taking so many tests. So much pressure on these poor kids to excel but I'm sure that it will help them be successful later in life. I always tell them that nothing will ever be handed to them....if they have a dream, it's up to them to make it happen. They will appreciate things in life a lot more if they work hard for it. Evan has made incredible progress in Pre-K & his teacher is so impressed with his love of books. When I was little, my dad used to bring home a lot of children's books for us to read (I actually have saved most of them) & it's thanks to him that I grew up loving to read & having such a vivid imagination. I'm glad that I have passed that onto my boys. Every night, I sit on the side of Evan's bed & read him a few books & he loves it! I love it as well because I get to bond with him & hopefully someday when he reads to his babies, he'll remember those special moments :)
        Speaking of special moments, my dad is coming to visit us in a few days & the boys have no clue!! They are always talking about how much they miss him & they always see things that remind them of him. I'm super excited because I haven't seen him in a while & I miss him.....he's the only person that knows how to make me laugh no matter how bad my day has gone.  Can't wait to see the look on my boy's faces when they seem him!!!
~~My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me~~