Sunday, June 24, 2018

Telestrastions Game Night

      With two boys away at college, and another already in middle school...nothing is more important than family time and making memories! My boys are very competitive and are really into trying out new board games. We also like to have our close friends over to join in on the fun! We were recently selected by Tryazon to try out a new game called Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack by USAopoly. This is a visual adaptation of the old "telephone" game which involves drawing and guessing. It will have everyone at the table amused!

      We started off by watching the instructions together on We then set the card box, the clean up cloths (used to wipe the sketch books clean), the sand timer, and the die on the table. Each player picked a sketch book (the coils on the sketch books are different colors), a marker, and a card. Then, they wrote their names on their sketch books. The first player rolled the die, then matched the number on the die to the number on their card. They then wrote their secret word in their book. After that, they turned to their "sketch it page" and started drawing when the timer was flipped. They then turned to page 2 to hide their sketch and passed their open book to the player on their left. At that point, everyone was at the "Guess It" page. They had to discreetly flip back to the previous page and had a few seconds to look at the sketch, then they had to turn back to page 2 and write down their guess. They then flipped to the next page and again, passed it onto the player to the left of them. This continued until all of the players got their own sketch book back.

      We had a great time playing this game! Our players got very creative with their drawings, which made this game all the more fun. You do not have to be an expert at drawing in order to play. It can be challenging to put certain words into drawings, but that's where your imagination kicks in. Figuring out how to quickly draw silly words/phrases is great fun. Everyone really enjoyed this game!