Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

I wanted to write a note to give thanks. So many times we overlook all of the little things we've been blessed with and we tend to complain instead of thanking God for what we do have. I thank God for allowing me to be a mother which I think is the greatest gift he has given me. There is no greater love than that of a mother & child & being a mother has taught me so many things but the greatest lesson it has taught me is unconditional love. There is nothing I wouldn't do or give up for the well being of my boys &  I'm glad that they know that they are #1 to me....above & beyond anything or anyone else in my life. Being a mother has taught me to be selfless, to think of myself last, and to worry about someone else's needs & happiness other than my own. I am thankful for my children because without them I would be all alone in this world & I'd have no purpose in life. Another person I am thankful for is my wonderful husband....God truly blessed me when he brought him into my life. Not only is he the most hardworking, honest, & loving man that I know but there is nothing he wouldn't do for me or the boys. I appreciate that he works so hard to provide for us & that he always takes time out to play & spend time with the boys (even though I know he is exhausted...bendito). He never, ever complains & does everything with a smile on his face. I am thankful that I am married to such an admirable man & I love him with all of my <3. I'm also very thankful for my health. Those of you who know me well know what a horrible back I have inherited :( Surgery didn't help much & neither have all of the injections & meds I've been on. I am glad though that I am able to get up everyday & function.  I would hate to be confined to a bed like others who are worse off than I am. It is a gift to wake up everyday & see my kid's smiling faces. No matter how bad my day is....those smiles inspire me to work harder & to be a better person in life.
“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.” ~Oprah Winfrey~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

So exhausted this weekend!! Yesterday I went to BJ's to buy a few things & I had to get a latte cause I was so tired I could hardly even function!! We stocked up on diapers (for home), pull-ups (for school), & wipes....thank goodness for coupons cause those things alone add up! We also stocked up on meats & snacks because we have more visitors coming this Friday =) Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us cause Koko got an electric guitar with his gift card but it didn't work out for him cause he's a lefty. Unfortunately for him, they sell absolutely no guitars for lefty's, so we had to return it. He ended up deciding on a basketball hoop (which made me happy cause I love playing basketball). I can't wait to put it boys are a bit jealous of my B-ball skills. lol Afterwards, we went to eat & headed back home to put everything away (more work....ay, ay, aaaay). This morning, I made the boys a great breakfast & we've basically been cleaning all morning. I honestly wish we had black marble or tile floors because I can see every little speck of dust or crumb on these cream colored tiles & it drives me insane!! I could sweep/vacuum twice a day & it's never enough. Oh, and for some reason Evan's cream colored rug is always getting stained (with God knows what) and I have to steam clean it a few times a month. I'm tired just thinking about all of the cleaning we did today. lol  On a positive note, I have plenty of boy clothes that I'll be shipping to Haiti. The situation there is heartbreaking and the boys have lots of clothes that could be put to good use. We have been praying for everyone there. I only wish we could do more :(  The boys even get upset at Evan when he doesn't eat all of his food cause they think of all of the children there that haven't had anything to eat or drink for days, bendito. I wish I had enough money to adopt a few kids & give them a good life. God knows if I could....I would!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing My Sis!!!

My sister left today. We've all been so sad that she had to leave :(  The baby came home searching each & every room for her while calling out for his "Titi Deychi"....bendito, he broke my heart. I miss her so much already & hope that she comes back soon. Yesterday was her last day here and I had to spend most of it running Evan to the doctor's cause he had projectile vomiting (he was miserable)!!  Even though Daisy was only here for a short time....we managed to get a lot of things done & had lots of fun. My favorite of course was getting a massage at the spa because we honestly needed it. After being here for a week, my sister has officially decided to not have children & get a dog instead. lolllll I can't blame her. The boys were so happy to have her here that they forgot to let her breathe a bit =) We did laugh way too much this week (to the point that my ribs were sore). No one else cracks up with me like my little sis & I'm glad that God listened to me when I was a little girl & prayed for a little sister <3

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visit#2 This Month.....My Sister!!!

I'm extremely happy this week because my little sister is here visiting!! I haven't seen her since May & we've all missed her like crazy. Yesterday we went to Walmart to stock up on goodies & baking stuff. I HAVE to make her some brownies with walnuts before she leaves (I think that may be the only reason why she came down here)....joking =) I have to show my sis how to cook some real food so she doesn't have to live off of Beefaroni & Oatmeal cream pies anymore. lol The boys are so excited that she's here. I can't believe that my older son is already taller than his Titi. Crazy how time flies. Anyway, my sister had me record her singing yesterday (a gazillion times) in order to submit a video for an audition. I made her promise that she will take me with her on the red carpet when she becomes famous!! We also went out to have dinner & she tried a Gorgonzola burger for the 1st time & loved it. Those are my favorite burgers. Those of you that know us well, know about our addiction to cheeeeeeese =) Evan was incredibly calm at dinner last night (I think it was thanks to skipping his nap). We stayed up for a bit to watch some videos & laugh....very loudly (Daisy has a unique laugh). I caught up with some sleep last night but if it were up to me I would've stayed in bed for a few more hours. Wish my little sister didn't have to leave in a few days :(

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quality Time

Had a great night with the fam. We've watched several movies over the past few days including Paranormal Activity (which creeped Zuly out big time), Drag Me to Hell (which really grossed me out) plus, I didn't like the ending, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which hubby finds scary & I find  a bit boring), Bedtime Stories (which had the boys & us laughing)...I LOVED the Guinea Pig with the bug eyes in that movie, and lastly, The Notebook (which is one of my favorite love stories). Of course us girls were sniffling & teary-eyed while watching that last movie. I really enjoyed staying home & relaxing today (I think we all needed it too). The family leaves Tuesday evening & I really wish they didn't have to. Ian has been attached to the hip to Koko & Zuly is amazed at his patience & how sweet he has been for playing with Ian ALL day!! Poor Gio looked miserable because he was sick & he slept almost all day. He could barely eat his soup...bendito.  Luckily, I got his antibiotics so hopefully they will kick in soon. I also read books to the boys. Evan kept getting jealous & would not let Ian sit too close to me when I was reading to them. Too funny. lol We were also looking through my Richard Scary books (from when I was little) & I was surprised at how well Ian could name things in English. Very smart little boy!!  Evan was saying the words right along with him (he even said a few that I thought he didn't know...trying hard to impress his Titi).  We have had a great week & I'm sad that it's coming to an end. Poor Zuly has no clue how she's going to tear her little guy away from our boys because he has become so close to them. I'm hoping the next 2 days move go by very slowly so that we can enjoy having them here a little longer.
"Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted". ~Paul Pearshall
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Fun Day

Wow....I have done & million & one things over the past few days!! I drove sister in law & family to the Outlet Malls yesterday. About a 3 hour drive in total (with 4 bouncy boys in the van). lol A lot of walking but great fun. My back was so sore that it even hurt as the water from the shower hit it!! Nevertheless, I'm really happy to have some company & I'm going to be super lonely when everyone leaves :(  Today, we went to a B-day party with the boys. Afterwards, we went to Walmart to stock up on some more food & snacks for our barracudas. lol  In the evening, we headed to a superfun center with bowling, mini golf, arcade, & batting cages. The food at Duffy's was fantastic! I ate the best Gorgonzola Burger I've ever had!! We also watched the boys bowl with all of the lights off, the disco ball spinning, & the DJ playing our favorite songs which was pretty cool. We had to cut the fun short to pay a visit to the urgent care center with Gio because he wasn't feeeling better.  Thank goodness they treated him quickly so we didn't have to spend hours waiting. Poor hubby has had to work & has been missing out on some of the fun but he's made up for it by watching scary movies with his sis every night (last night they watched The Excorcism of Emily Rose....ouuuuuiiiiii)!! So now, I'm about to get up, get dressed & make some breakfast for everyone so let's see what adventure we stumble upon today.