Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing My Sis!!!

My sister left today. We've all been so sad that she had to leave :(  The baby came home searching each & every room for her while calling out for his "Titi Deychi"....bendito, he broke my heart. I miss her so much already & hope that she comes back soon. Yesterday was her last day here and I had to spend most of it running Evan to the doctor's cause he had projectile vomiting (he was miserable)!!  Even though Daisy was only here for a short time....we managed to get a lot of things done & had lots of fun. My favorite of course was getting a massage at the spa because we honestly needed it. After being here for a week, my sister has officially decided to not have children & get a dog instead. lolllll I can't blame her. The boys were so happy to have her here that they forgot to let her breathe a bit =) We did laugh way too much this week (to the point that my ribs were sore). No one else cracks up with me like my little sis & I'm glad that God listened to me when I was a little girl & prayed for a little sister <3

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