Sunday, January 17, 2010

So exhausted this weekend!! Yesterday I went to BJ's to buy a few things & I had to get a latte cause I was so tired I could hardly even function!! We stocked up on diapers (for home), pull-ups (for school), & wipes....thank goodness for coupons cause those things alone add up! We also stocked up on meats & snacks because we have more visitors coming this Friday =) Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us cause Koko got an electric guitar with his gift card but it didn't work out for him cause he's a lefty. Unfortunately for him, they sell absolutely no guitars for lefty's, so we had to return it. He ended up deciding on a basketball hoop (which made me happy cause I love playing basketball). I can't wait to put it boys are a bit jealous of my B-ball skills. lol Afterwards, we went to eat & headed back home to put everything away (more work....ay, ay, aaaay). This morning, I made the boys a great breakfast & we've basically been cleaning all morning. I honestly wish we had black marble or tile floors because I can see every little speck of dust or crumb on these cream colored tiles & it drives me insane!! I could sweep/vacuum twice a day & it's never enough. Oh, and for some reason Evan's cream colored rug is always getting stained (with God knows what) and I have to steam clean it a few times a month. I'm tired just thinking about all of the cleaning we did today. lol  On a positive note, I have plenty of boy clothes that I'll be shipping to Haiti. The situation there is heartbreaking and the boys have lots of clothes that could be put to good use. We have been praying for everyone there. I only wish we could do more :(  The boys even get upset at Evan when he doesn't eat all of his food cause they think of all of the children there that haven't had anything to eat or drink for days, bendito. I wish I had enough money to adopt a few kids & give them a good life. God knows if I could....I would!!

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