Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun Day

Wow....I have done & million & one things over the past few days!! I drove sister in law & family to the Outlet Malls yesterday. About a 3 hour drive in total (with 4 bouncy boys in the van). lol A lot of walking but great fun. My back was so sore that it even hurt as the water from the shower hit it!! Nevertheless, I'm really happy to have some company & I'm going to be super lonely when everyone leaves :(  Today, we went to a B-day party with the boys. Afterwards, we went to Walmart to stock up on some more food & snacks for our barracudas. lol  In the evening, we headed to a superfun center with bowling, mini golf, arcade, & batting cages. The food at Duffy's was fantastic! I ate the best Gorgonzola Burger I've ever had!! We also watched the boys bowl with all of the lights off, the disco ball spinning, & the DJ playing our favorite songs which was pretty cool. We had to cut the fun short to pay a visit to the urgent care center with Gio because he wasn't feeeling better.  Thank goodness they treated him quickly so we didn't have to spend hours waiting. Poor hubby has had to work & has been missing out on some of the fun but he's made up for it by watching scary movies with his sis every night (last night they watched The Excorcism of Emily Rose....ouuuuuiiiiii)!! So now, I'm about to get up, get dressed & make some breakfast for everyone so let's see what adventure we stumble upon today.

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