Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visit#2 This Month.....My Sister!!!

I'm extremely happy this week because my little sister is here visiting!! I haven't seen her since May & we've all missed her like crazy. Yesterday we went to Walmart to stock up on goodies & baking stuff. I HAVE to make her some brownies with walnuts before she leaves (I think that may be the only reason why she came down here)....joking =) I have to show my sis how to cook some real food so she doesn't have to live off of Beefaroni & Oatmeal cream pies anymore. lol The boys are so excited that she's here. I can't believe that my older son is already taller than his Titi. Crazy how time flies. Anyway, my sister had me record her singing yesterday (a gazillion times) in order to submit a video for an audition. I made her promise that she will take me with her on the red carpet when she becomes famous!! We also went out to have dinner & she tried a Gorgonzola burger for the 1st time & loved it. Those are my favorite burgers. Those of you that know us well, know about our addiction to cheeeeeeese =) Evan was incredibly calm at dinner last night (I think it was thanks to skipping his nap). We stayed up for a bit to watch some videos & laugh....very loudly (Daisy has a unique laugh). I caught up with some sleep last night but if it were up to me I would've stayed in bed for a few more hours. Wish my little sister didn't have to leave in a few days :(

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