Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Countdown is on.....sister in law & family will be here in about 10 days. We are beyond excited that we'll be spending our 1st Christmas together. Christmas shopping is almost done as well as the wrapping (anyone who knows me knows how much I love wrapping). lol Hubby keeps hounding me to tell me what I want for Xmas but besides wanting an I-Tunes card to get more music for my I-Pod....I honestly can't think of anything else I want or need that bad. I already have his presents wrapped & hidden (yes he is nosy & guesses what I get him EVERY single year). The boys have been sworn to secrecy about his present & I'm sure they'll let me know if he starts to snoop around :) This Christmas will be an extra special one mainly because it will be the 1st one in our new home & because this year Evan is more aware of Christmas & it's true meaning. I must say that my boys are really humble because they only ask for a few things. They definitely know by now that Christmas is about more than just getting presents. My boys do deserve nice things this year because they are a great help & they're making us proud in school. Gio just brought home an awesome progress report yesterday.  Koko has completed an application for entry to this awesome Marine Biology high school & we have our fingers crossed that he gets in. It's very hard to get accepted but it's an awesome school that focuses on a hands on approach. They take several field trips & the students learn a lot by doing projects themselves out in the real world. I would've LOVED a school like that when I was younger because I've always been intrigued by the ocean/marine life. I'm praying that he gets in!!!  We're so happy that the boys are doing great & adjusting so well. All of the sacrifices we have made over these past few months have been worth the while  =)

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