Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthing Story-Koko & Gio

I was talking with one of my girlfriends about my birthing stories. Talk about reminiscing! I get teary eyed when I think of the day my 1st son was born. He was born almost 4 weeks early because I unfortunately developed pre-eclampsia. It all happened really fast. I went to my doctor's appointment thinking everything was peachy keen when my OB tells me that my blood pressure was sky high & that I had to go to the hospital ASAP. I tried convincing her to let me go take a final exam which was scheduled right after my appointment & she refused. My pharmacology teacher was mean as hell which is why I didn't want to miss that final but the doctor said the baby could be in danger so off to the hospital I ran (books & all). lol I was admitted and I kept thinking my doctor was crazy because I felt perfectly fine until my blood pressure became dangerously high & they had to put me on mag sulfate. Needless to say, my doctor was right. I got so sick, so fast, that they had to induce me (I begged not to have a C-section). I got an epidural (after the 3rd try) & I was upset that there was so many people in the room (I honestly lost count. I was very shy.....many moons ago). lol Anyway, when my son was born, his color was horrible....he looked almost purple to me & I didn't see him move or hear him cry & I think my heart honestly stopped for a few minutes there. The NICU team were awesome & they got him to cry! It was the best sound I had ever heard! My boy was tiny-6lbs 11oz. He was so tiny I was scared to even hold or change him. I didn't even have a name for him-he was Baby Boy Flores for 3 days :( He was born in December and it was freezing cold that entire month. I loved spending time with my boy! Those first few months were brutal! I had to go take a few finals & make up some clinicals for 8 hours at the hospital only 2 weeks after he was born. I was so exhausted, I felt I was dying! The sacrifices payed off because I was able to graduate. I was really proud of myself because it wasn't easy getting there but I didn't give up. I really pushed myself to get ahead because I wanted to give my son a good life. Now when Giordano was born a few years later, things went much smoother. He was & still is my lazy child :) He was almost 2 weeks postdates.....too comfy to move an inch. I had to be induced. My labor pains were horrible but I made my OB promise not to give me an epidural even if I begged for one (the last one I got really did a number on my back). Needless to say, I asked for it & she reminded me that I made her promise not to cave in :) She was really an awesome doctor...I was lucky she was so smart & good at what she did. Gio was born weighing 8lbs 6 0z (which I thought was huge). He was such a good baby. Not colicky like Koko (thank God). He was only Baby Boy Flores for 2 days...what can I say, I had a hard time deciding on names :)

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