Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Baby Boy Turns 14!!

Okay, so I'm both ectastic & sad that my first born will be turning 14 years old tomorrow. Ectastic because I've had the privilege of being his mother and sad that the 6lb 11oz fragile baby boy I once held in my arms is slowly becoming a man. I'm happy that I've raised him to be humble, helpful, & caring. He's the 1st one that offers to help someone in need. I love that he has a good heart & has big dreams and I hope that he knows how much potential he has to become whatever he wants to be. I can remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday. I remember I didn't want to move his little legs to change his first diaper out of fear of "breaking" him. To think that he's now taller & stronger than me is astonishing. I can only hope that God watches over him & guides him into becoming the wonderful man that I know he will be.

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