Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Buys!!

Just had to share some great buys we've found.  First, we found some more awesome educational puzzles at Target for only a dollar!! We found one about 5 senses, one about body parts, & a cute one about sea animals. Evan has been really into puzzles lately so he loved all 3 of them.

We also found some cool Lift A Flap books at the dollar store about US Presidents, States, and The World. I like these a lot because when my 2 older boys read to Evan, they can learn important facts & refresh their memory at the same time (tricking them into learning). lol

We also found these little brain teaser cards at the Dollar Store. I love these & Evan has so much fun with them. The first two are for ages 4-6 & the last one is for ages 5-7.

We also found these cool wheels with tons of information about States, Presidents, Animals, & Dinosaurs. These are great because the older boys can use them as well. They have tons of interesting facts....very entertaining. Evan loves the dinosaur one =)

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