Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School Chaos

We survived the boys first week back to school!!! Glad we've finally got our morning routine down packed. The first day was definitely chaotic as I had to dart from one bus stop to another because my boys attend 3 different schools. Once they were on the buses, I worried about them getting there safely & finding their classes without any problems and thennnnn, I worried about how there day would go & whether or not they  would like their teachers. Anyways, everyone was happy with their teachers and I'm hoping it stays that way. Although I start missing them as soon as they leave, I'm not gonna lie....I've enjoyed the peace & quiet at home (no whining, no messess, & no noise for 8 straight hours)!!!  I could definitely get used to this =)
Here are some pics (Couldn't post Gio's pic cause I took it with my phone)

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