Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Day Learning!

Had an awseome day learning with Evan today.  We put Gio's Spell Time by Cadaco (which I bought several years ago when Gio was smaller) to good use!! Evan had tons of fun using it. It's only missing 1 or 2 letters but all 15 of the cards are in great condition. He had to match the color to the letter then put the letter in it's correct spot. It was fun....we could've done that all day =)

We did some workbook pages. Evan did a super job! We are trying to work with him on how to hold a pencil. It's kind of tough cause he is ambidextrous like his mama & he's always switching the pencil from one hand to another.

Evan also enjoyed this book of mazes we bought him at Target for just a dollar. He would've done the whole book in one sitting if I would've let him. I liked that it brings stickers....I let him pick the one he wanted =)

We also did some fun art with seashells, playdoh, & paint. I had just as much fun as he did with this =)


  1. Wow! Looks like you two had a great day! I wish high school was that much fun!! :)

  2. Thank u Wendy =) I definitely don't miss high school! lol