Friday, October 15, 2010

Science Project....Hydroponics

I've been super busy with work & not feeling that great that I haven't posted in while. Both of the boys were assigned science projects for school and a friend of mine suggested that we do a project on Hydroponics. Hydroponics is basically a way to grow plants by utilizing mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. We are using a rockwool medium (which consists of fibers from synthetic or natural minerals or metal oxides) to grow our seeds in and comparing them to a soil based medium. The nutrient solution's PH must be maintained between 5.5 to 6.5 for optimal growth of ours seeds. The 3 main elements in the nutrient solution are Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium which are the 3 main elements required for plant growth. We were lucky to find a Hydroponic store really close to home. We even attended a basic Hydroponic class a few weeks ago which gave the boys an idea of what they're expected to do. The boys are actually excited about this science project...hope it turns out well =)

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