Monday, October 25, 2010

Carving Our Pumpkin =)

Had a great night....carved a pumpkin with the boys. Oh, and Halloween 1 & 2 are on TV tonight!! You'd never know that I was terrified of Michael Myers growing up. lol
Some pumpkin pics....
 Evan checking out some pumpkin brains. lol
 Gio showing Evan what to do cause he was grossed out.
 Laughing & holding his heart as he says "I can't do it mami". lol
"Ewwww, it's so nasty"!
 Gio finally convinces him.
 See, not as bad as u thought.
 Goofing around =)
 Getting the last of it.
 Ta daaaaaa! I had to carve it since no one here has any artistic abilities. lol

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