Saturday, July 31, 2010

Relaxing Day at Home

Finally....a relaxing day at home!! We all really needed the rest. Evan behaved and kept busy with some puzzles we picked up for him at Target. He also used his chalkboard & is getting good at writing his letters. Might stay home and relax tomorrow too....I could get used to this. lol


  1. I love days like that! He really does look like he is good at his writing! That is awesome! I hope tomorrow is nice and relaxing too!

  2. Thank u Hannah....days of relaxation are rare here. I always have a million things to do. lol I'm working hard on changing that. Evan has been working hard on his writing & he's finally getting the hang of it. We're so proud of him =)

  3. I think these are some of the best days to have!

    What a cutie! And he looks like he really has a great grasp on his writing!