Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poem from my heart

For my Grandparents that I love & miss <3

I miss your voice, your smile, your face
You made this world a better place
Now when I think of you I cry
I miss you more, each day I die

I need to see your sparkling eyes
I wasn't ready for goodbyes
I needed you to never leave
And now I'm left alone to grieve

So when I get to heaven please
Be the first face I get to see
I really miss the way you sing
You made the best of everything

You always brightened up my day
And always knew just way to say
I was with you until the end
You were my heart and a true friend

So when I see the stars and moon
I wish that I could see you soon
No one could ever take your place
You are the smile upon my face

The glitter in my eyes that shine
You beat inside this heart of mine
I miss you and it's plain to see
That heaven holds a piece of me