Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun but Exhausting Weekend

Missing my in-laws being here. We took them to the airport on Saturday....what an ordeal! JetBlue was undergoing some type of special changes which made everything chaotic. The lines were extremely long & father in law had to come back outside to give us some bottles of rum he accidently packed in his overhead bags (ooooops, lol). Poor Evan missed giving his "bwelos" their kiss, hug, & "squeeze" at night. After we left the airport, we went to my cousin Lenny's house. I haven't seen her in about 14 years!! It was great seeing her & meeting her boys who were so adorable :) The kids had so much boys didn't want to leave. The drive home seemed eternal even though it was only a 2 hour drive (probably because we were in the car all day & I was thinking about the mess that was waiting for me at home). On Sunday we had a nice day out with the boys & got a lot of things done. Today I think that doing so much in the past month has started to catch up to me....I'm so exhausted right & I have a wicked migraine that has not responded to anything I've taken for it. I'm going to try and take it slow this month (not just saying it, I plan on sticking to it) and I think I'll start right now. It's pouring outside (very loudly) so I think I'm just going to fall asleep listening to all of this rain   =)


  1. Nice post! I hope you can 'take it slow' this month and your migraine will go. Best wishes!

  2. Thank you! Migraine was gone after having it for 2 days straight. I'm trying to take it easy but it's almost impossible to with 3 boys :)