Friday, October 10, 2014

Chamomile scented Charmin Plus!

   We recieved a free 6 pack of Chamomile scented Charmin from! They also sent us five coupons for $1.50 off of one Charmin Plus the scent of Chamomile pack (6 rolls or larger), which we shared with family & friends. The coupons have a scratch & sniff circle on the front, so that people can smell the fragrance prior to purchasing it. We are very picky with the bathroom tissue we use & I have to say that we will definitely be switching to this brand after being able to sample it! A big plus is that it's clog & septic safe! The rolls consist of amazingly soft 2 ply paper & the wonderful smell of Chamomile that's very soothing & relaxing. It also has a pretty floral design on the paper & 6 of these double rolls are equivalent to 12 regular rolls! This definitely beats the rough & boring store brand rolls we have used in the past. Everyone should go out and grab a will be pleased with Charmin's new Chamomile scented bathroom tissue! 

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