Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Capoeira Pics

Evan has been attending Capoeira classes for about a month & I absolutely love it! They also offer an adult class which I would join myself if my neck & back weren't so messed up :( Last week, the kids class was taught by Instructer Furacao from NYC. Such a great honor to meet him & he was great with the kids! If anyone is interested in finding out more details about the class, you can send me an email & I will refer you to the instructor. Here are some pics....       



  1. Awesome! When I was in junior high, we had two guys come to our school and do it with us in our phys ed classes, and they would take a few of the ones who were naturally good at it and then put on an assembly for the school at the end of the week... I never got to be in it but one of my best friends did and she loved it.

  2. That is so cool! My boys would love it if they would offer it at their school!