Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feelings Lapbook

This was an awesome Lapbook for Evan to do because the 1st thing they do every morning at his preschool is send them to the front of the classroom & ask them how they are feeling. Evan has to pick a laminated square with an expression (which is always the smily face) and he says to the class "I AM HAPPY!!" Cutest thing ever!! This was lots of fun because I would state a feeling & Evan would act it out (his angry expression was hysterical...he sounded like the hulk). lol We got the great idea from & were able to download the pages to complete the lapbook from that site. All of the books we read were awesome! Evan's favorite was, How Are You Peeling?,  which used to be Gio's book when he was small. We also own My Many Colored Days, The Loveables, and The Way I Feel....Evan loves them all (and so do I). lol Here are some pictures =)

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