Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Baby is Growing Up!

I have been wondering lately where the time has gone. My 14 year old is growing up way too quick!! I still remember clearly how tiny & fragile he was when he was born & now he is much taller and stronger than me. So many things for me to worry about, sports, health, peer pressure, girls, etc. I'm trying to take it one day at a time but it's definitely overwhelming. I have faith that we have raised him right & I'm proud of how compassionate & considerate he is. When I was pregnant with him, I remember choosing not to find out whether or not I was having a boy or a girl because I just knew I was going to have a boy!! I am so thankful & blessed that God has given me the opportunity to to raise such wonderful boys. Not only do they help a great deal around the house but they always hold doors open for people, are kind, & helpful when we are out & about and it feels great when people compliment us on having raised such "gentlemen". I just pray that I have the patience & wisdom to help them realize all of their hopes & dreams. Being a mother is a privilege & it's important to keep that in the back of our minds on those days that we are stressed, exhausted, & ready to throw in the towel =)

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